2 easy steps in measuring eLearning effectiveness with KPI

Elearning KPI

Your investment in a learning management system should be able to pay-off in a visible way. Yet, many companies face difficulties in pinpointing at what metrics to look for in their LMS platform. Once you’ve chosen your eLearning solution, it’s time to determine the key performance indicators (KPI s) you want to track. Have you […]

5 Easy Steps on How to Implement Blended Learning in Your Company

Mockup-moodle-Homepage. Moodle LMS. LMS Portal

Even though blended learning is often associated with the education sector, the opportunities and benefits of using this concept, in corporate training, is huge. In this article, you will find out about the benefits and how you can start implementing blended learning in your company. What is Blended Learning? As you may already know blended […]

10 Top Tips for Using Gamification Techniques to Engage your Learners

Engage Your Learners With 10 Top Tips On Gamification Techniques Using Game Mechanics, Badges, Certificates & More.

We all know what’s gamification but can we easily implement some game mechanics in learning? Of course! Here are some numbers regarding the existing situation in the market and you can see very clear that gamification in learning is a real need: 61% of CEOs, CFOs and senior executives take daily game breaks at work 80% of […]


Accelerole was chosen as one of Europe’s top 54 startups. Accelerole was selected for participation in the largest multi-corporate accelerator program in Central and Eastern Europe – weXelerate. One of the world’s largest innovation hubs was recently born at the prestigious Design Tower designed by Jean Nouvel in Vienna, Austria. On 4 floors and 9.000sqm […]

HR Club 2016 – December Winners

Congratulations to all participants and thank you for taking part in the Accelerole contest! The lucky winners for the 10 x 128GB USB Memory Sticks are: Cornoiu Claudiu Ionescu Alexandru Marian Glodeanu Dragos Stoian Dragos Alexandru Gheban Dragos Anitei Eliza Matei Florin Bumbu Irina Croitoru Roxana Aninosanu Irina We will contact the winners shortly for […]

4 Pre-Training Gamification Techniques That Will Prepare and Motivate Your Employees

With a growing trend, in terms of costs, you want to make sure your employees make the most of that training. That they come prepared and motivated. Well, there’s exactly one thing you need to do for that. And it’s called pre-evaluation mobile training. In other words, all the things you need to do before […]

New Age Hiring. What Research Says About Smart Hiring

If you’re an HR professional, a consultant working in recruitment or a recruitment agency, you probably know the news. Hiring has changed and it might never be the same again. Gone are the days when job ads were crafted, advertising campaigns were run, resumes were sifted through – offline or online – and interviews resembled […]