Induction Training | Onboarding

Why you need a better onboarding process? Because your company is leaking costs that you can immediately optimize.

Your organization invests in countless resources towards formal in class training right after employment.

Who will pay for the training for the people that quit the next day?

The fragile first days of employment are rarely met with predetermined programs. In most cases, they require more resources than the company is able to offer a new employee over an important ongoing project.

The first 90 days are the most critical for long-term success. During this timeframe, 1 in 6 employees quit or considered quitting a new job due to ineffective onboarding.


of new hires don’t have the knowledge needed to “hit the ground running”


of new hires do not meet their first performance milestone without formal onboarding


of millennials want a better onboarding process


of your new employees will leave the job in the first 6 months

Today’s onboarding isn’t cutting it without a predetermined mobile training plan catered to each individual’s role in the company.

Induction training provides employees with a smooth entry into the organisation by providing them with the information they require to get started:


decrease in time spent training new hires.


increase in leadership effectiveness.


of new hires who have formal onboarding hit their first performance milestone.


increase in the number of people remaining in the company because of mobile induction training.

Less than 1% of the people care about free food and perks. They want to learn how to do their job and the inner workings of your company. In short, they want to start doing meaningful work and contribute fast!

What new hires say they want in the first weeks:


on the job training is most important


review of company policy


company tour, equipment setup and procedures


having a buddy or mentor