Is your Intranet boring? It’s time to adapt to a connected, fast-paced, mobile world. (Re)define a clear purpose for your Intranet.

How do you define the success of your mobile intranet? How does it contribute to your business? What value does it bring to users on a daily basis? Are employees more engaged and more productive with it? In order to perform, employees need to be focused on the right tasks, they need the skills to […]

MVP Academy Demo Day Showcases A Wide Variety Of Romanian Startups

For the last seven weeks, the ‘pre-accelerator’ ‘How To Web MVP Academy‘ in Bucharest, Romania has been working with a class of super early stage startups to finesse their products into shape. Today those efforts culminated in a demo day in the Romanian capital. Startups come from anywhere these days, but it’s particular awesome that […]