10 Top Tips for Using Gamification Techniques to Engage your Learners

Engage Your Learners With 10 Top Tips On Gamification Techniques Using Game Mechanics, Badges, Certificates & More.

We all know what’s gamification but can we easily implement some game mechanics in learning? Of course!

Here are some numbers regarding the existing situation in the market and you can see very clear that gamification in learning is a real need:

61% of CEOs, CFOs and senior executives take daily game breaks at work

80% of learners would be more productive if their work was more game-like

89% say that a point system would increase their engagement

Are you still wondering why your training should be GAMIFIED?

  • It’s fun & engaging.
  • It’s easier for learners to retain knowledge.
  • Drives behavioral change.
  • Creates friction between learners, online and offline.
  • It creates recognition – reward them with actual prizes or online prizes, certificates or diplomas.

Sounds simple? It really is! You just need to know the basics and some useful tips! Let’s apply together these gamification techniques and engage your learners all the way to the top of the leaderboard!

1.Set The Main Success Criteria

So, you decided to create a gamified experience for your learners. Next step? Identify the main goal based on which you will evaluate their experience. What will indicate that the program has delivered results? 100% employee participation or 60% improvement in employee engagement?

2. Launch In Style

Ready to launch? Then you have to do it right! Send notifications or an internal newsletter to make sure that everybody knows about the LMS launch and how exciting it will be!

After you enroll everybody in the platform, welcome them with a badge. This way they will be hooked right from the start!

3. Keep The Learning Objectives Close

Along the way don’t forget about the learning objectives. All in all keep in mind that it’s important that the gamified online course helps your learners achieve the required knowledge and skills.

4. Use Levels For The Learning Journey

With points and levels you can track progress, achieve goals & drive a desired behaviour. As a plus you can give your learners the possibility to redeem prizes or gift cards in exchange for the points.

5. Let Them See Their Progress All The Time

Use progress bars or percentages for completion in order to show your learners how far along they are in each task. They will be more driven to keep going and mark the task “completed” or see the 100%.

6. Build A Community

When we are talking about gamification techniques we are also talking about interaction between learners. They will be motivated by the team spirit and being better than the others or helping others to be just as better.

They can also share their experiences and this way you can create content generated by your users. A place where all the community can share could be a forum or blog.

7. Encourage Competition

With the help of another gamification technique – leaderboard – you can give your learners the power to compete with each other while practising skills and improving their learning. They will be thrilled to see themselves at the top of the leaderboard.

8. Badges Everywhere

Learners will acknowledge their achievements easily by receiving basic or custom badges. You can create and upload your own personalized badges so they can be more meaningful and the users more driven to gain them.

Another cool thing that you can do is to use limited edition badges, the sense of urgency will activate your learners even more!

9. Offer Certificates And Diplomas

Recognize your learners’ activities and award them with certificates and diplomas. They can download and print them or keep them on their online profile in the platform.

10. Analyze And Take Action

What’s a project without analyzing it? Once you have your LMS up and running, analyze your learners’ reactions: see what’s triggering them most, check how they interact with the platform and to each other. Download activity reports to see if someone is behind in the learning process and why.

You can also ask for feedback creating a survey or forum discussion, the learners will share their opinion regarding the training experience.


Now that you have these 10 tips for using gamification techniques to engage your learners what’s next? Are you ready to launch your gamified LMS? Buckle up and let’s start the journey!


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