Training Reinforcement

Reinforcement increases effectiveness of the courses with up to 50% and help in personal development with up to 75%.

Double the value of your in-class training. Keep the team motivated and measure real impact.

Build your custom reinforcement program tailored to your needs. Send your users articles, quizzes, images and videos at the exact moment to reinforce their learning and increase the effectiveness of your training.

Employee engagement

Give the HR people the power to increase employee engagement, strengthen the teams and improve business performance.

Employee engagement done today prevents performance and retention problems later.

Your employees will:

  • Remember information longer.
  • Have a better understanding of training materials.
  • Apply what they learned on the job.

Induction Training

Your organization invests in countless resources towards formal in class training right after employment. Decrease costs with Accelerole LMS!

Mobile induction training after employment increases the percentage of the people remaining in the company with up to 38%.

  • Give direction but let the people choose their own speed of learning. Design an induction training program.
  • Send content and collect daily information. Assess motivation, discipline and commitment.
  • Let them prepare for the classes on the go, when and where they want.