Is my data safe?

We have multiple procedures to ensure the protection of your information. Data is encrypted via the secure HTTPS protocol, using Let’s Encrypt security certificate.

Does Accelerole offer certificates for passing courses?

Sure! Your learners can see and download the certificate after passing a course.

What type of video is supported?

A native video player is included for videos uploaded directly to your site via Add Media button. You can also use the oEmbed function to embed external videos.
We recommend Vimeo Plus if you want to protect your video content. This way you can keep them private.

What type of quiz questions can I create?

Accelerole supports multiple question types like: Multi Line, Single Line, True/False, Multiple Choice, Gap Fill and File Upload questions.

Can I use multiple pictures, videos and audio in Courses and Lessons?

Yes, you can use the editor area or the video embed field. Any content that you can upload to the WordPress editor may be used.

How can I grade my learners’ quizzes?

Accelerole automatically grades your learners’ quizzes (if you have chosen this option for the lesson) for Multiple Choice and True/False question types. All other question types must be manually graded. If you want you can manually grade all questions.

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