Is my data safe?

We have multiple procedures to ensure the protection of your information. Data is encrypted via the secure HTTPS protocol, using Let’s Encrypt security certificate.

Does Accelerole offer certificates for passing courses?

Sure! Your learners can see and download the certificate after passing a course.

What type of video is supported?

You can provide an external link to your video. This can be a YouTube URL or a link to an .mp4, .ogg or .webm video file hosted elsewhere on the Internet.
We recommend Vimeo Plus if you want to protect your video content. This way you can keep them private.

What type of quiz questions can I create?

You can use common problem types and advanced types. For common you have: blank common problem, checkboxes, dropdown, multiple choice, numerical input, text input – with or without hints and feedback.

And some of the advanced problems are: drag and drop, image mapped input, math expression input, etc.

Can I use multiple pictures and videos in my courses?

Yes, you can use the Add New Component area to insert text, pictures or videos.

How can I grade my learners’ quizzes?

Accelerole automatically grades your learners’ quizzes (if you have chosen this option for the subsection).

Can you measure the ROI of your learning programs?

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