Deploy a gamified platform automatically

Keep your audience mobile first

Improve. Increase. Have more fun.

We help NGOs fulfill their training needs and successfully accomplish their social purposes.

Accelerole help communities around the globe learn better and keep up with the changes of our world by offering cost effective online training solutions.

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Open source and scalable

We are using LearnDash LMS, a scalable and versatile platform that is constantly growing. You can easily adjust the platform in order to fit your organisation’s needs.

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Everything it’s in the cloud

Simple access with no limits on device use and location is always a great thing! Notifications by email and text messags help massively with engagement.

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We know how tight an organisation’s budget can be. Accelerole has this in mind and you can implement the platform yourself to reduces travel, optimizes training expenditure or premium support.

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Mission driven

With a non-profit we understand the learning challenges that exist everyday. That’s why we want to help NGOs overcome them in order to achieve your social mission.

If you are an NGO and want to find out more about how we can get involved and help you solve your organization’s learning challenges, get in touch with us!

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