Why Moodle?

Moodle is a learning management system developed for educators and trainers in order to create personalised online learning environments. It’s a scalable, extensible and versatile platform used by millions of registered users.

Being an open-source platform it is constantly innovating with contributions in order to suit the evolving needs of its learners.

Instructional Designer

We know it can be a little difficult to set everything in place, in the beginning, especially if you have limited time. In this case our instructional designers come to assist you with everything you need.

You will have a dedicated instructional designer to help with uploading and organizing your courses, onboarding learners, setting up notifications and many more.

Mobile first

Accelerole is not only mobile friendly, it’s mobile first. In an era where technology evolves everyday it’s important to have this in mind and be one step forward.

Your learners can access the platform on the go, when and where they want. They also receive notifications in real-time so they are connected all the time.

Deploy your own online LMS portal automatically


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