Everything you need, all in one platform.


Prepare a training course quick and easy.

  • Start simple: create the course from scratch in just a couple of minutes.
  • Easy content creation: start typing the course, add images, video or audio material to it. Don’t worry, it will look amazing on mobile devices too.
  • Localized language: create courses in your own language. Accelerole provides RTL support also.
  • Branding: you can add your logo so and change the colors of the platform.
Platform - Create
Platform - Assign


Organize courses for any type of groups in your company.

  • Groups & Members: easily add and group your learners.
  • Progress: assign them to existing courses and give them access to others as they advance.
  • Customize access: student, teacher and principal – each with different ‘powers’ in the platform.
  • E-mail notifications: when you assign your learners to a course they will receive notifications so they can know in real time what’s new.


Create a great experience for your learners.

  • Mobile devices: your learners can access the platform also from their phones or tablets. It’s completely responsive!
  • Personalized profile: each user has his own profile that can be customized as he pleased.
  • Communication: group members can interact and communicate.
  • Quick user registration: give users accounts or let them login with their social accounts faster. All users are approved by a Principal before seeing the content.
  • User recognition: your learners will receive certificates and badges as they advance with their training.
Platform - Engage


Measure learning scores and get performance data.

  • Time tracking: see how much time your learners spent in the platform.
  • Grades: measure learning by checking the grades of your users.
  • Interests and most loved content: analyze your learners’ behavior by finding out what their interests are.